• Microplastics leakage database

    This page is a disclosure of information about microplastics leakage from Pirika Association.

    This project supported by "The Nippon Foundation".

  • Latest results

    You can check the details from "View data".

  • Survey locations

  • Survey method

    This project uses microplastic survey devices developed by Pirika. More information here.

  • Open data


    • Report (Japanese, PDF)
    • Report (English, PDF)



    • MS_image (Images of Micro scope)
    • IR_image (Spectrum images of FT-IR)
    • IR_csv (Spectrum datas of FT-IR)
    • Report (Japanese, PDF)
    • Report (English, PDF)
    • 2019_Details of survey locations(Google spreadsheet)
    • 2019_Details of samples (Google spreadsheet)


    • Report&SI[JP]
    • Report&SI[EN]
    • MS(Micro Scope)
    • IR(Infrared Spectroscopy)

  • Donation to Pirika

    Pirika is supported by a large number of companies, governments and individuals. Please donate to us and let's make the world a cleaner place!!