• Floating microplastics data

    This page is a disclosure of information about floating microplastics from Pirika Association.

    This project supported by The Nippon Foundation as part of The Sea and Japan Project.

  • Survey locations

    Kanto (Sumidagawa River, Megurogawa River, Nakagawa River, Ayasegawa River, Keihin Canal, Chidori Canal, Tokyo Bay)

    Kansai (Kanzakigawa River, Ōkawa River, Dōtonborigawa River)

    New York (Hudson River, East River, Upper Bay)
  • Survey method

    This project uses microplastic survey devices developed by Pirika. More information here.

  • Open data

    ・Survey report (PDF)

    ・Survey site list (date/time, longitude/latitude, water sampling amount, etc.)

    ・Extracted microplastics -- solids list (extraction site, composition)

    ・Extracted microplastics -- FT-IR spectrums (jws, csv, png)

    ・Extracted microplastics -- images (png)

  • This project is supported by The Nippon Foundation's The Sea and Japan Project.
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